Bruce Lee, My Brother

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Release Date: Jan 11, 2011
Director: Raymond Yip Wai-man  
Rating: PG Some Fighting Scenes & Drug Use
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Format: DVD 9
Picture Format: PAL
Artist Name: Aarif Lee 李治廷, Tony Leong Ka-fai 梁家辉, Christy Chung 钟丽缇 , Heung Kam Lee 李香琴
Sound: 5.1 Surround
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Duration: 123Mins
Special Feature: Trailer , Making Of


This is a biopic of the martial arts legend as told by his younger brother, Robert Lee.

It revolves around Bruce Lee’s life as a rebellious adolescent in Hong Kong who always finds himself engaging in street fights with his buddies Kong and Unicorn. Against his father’s wishes, Bruce studies the Wing Chun martial arts style instead of Tai-chi and tastes his first “public” triumph by knocking out a Caucasian boxer at a tournament. When he learns that Kong has become a drug addict, he tries to save Kong and ends up rumbling the drug lord’s den.To save his life, Lee’s father has no choice but to send him off to San Francisco to pursue his studies.

And the rest is history…




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