Gantz (DVD)

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Release Date: Jul 15, 2011
Director: Shinsuke Sato 佐藤信介
Rating: NC16 Violence and Gore 暴力及血腥画面
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Format: DVD 9
Picture Format: NTSC
Artist Name: Kazunari Ninomiya 二宫和也, Kenichi Matsuyama 松山研一
Sound: 5.1ch Dolby Digital and DTS for Japanese audio
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.75
Duration: 150 mins
Special Feature: Trailer


Kurono (Kazunari Ninomiya), a college student looking for employment after graduation, sees his childhood friend Kato (Kenichi Matsuyama) on a subway platform. Kato, who has a strong sense of justice, tries to help a drunk who has fallen onto the train tracks. Kurono jumps in to help him but both of them get run down by an oncoming train.

In the next instant, they are teleported to a strange apartment. In the room, there is a big black sphere with an unusually powerful presence. In this room, there is no exit. GANTZ enlists them on a mission that when completed, will allow them to go back to their own world. The mission is to battle and exterminate aliens. Wearing suits and armed with weapons given to them by GANTZ, the bewildered Kurono and the others are teleported to the battlefield where they must fight against aliens.

In between life and death, the fierce battles in this inescapable, absurd world keeps escalating to the limit

一名高中生玄野计 (二宫和也) 和好友加藤犬(松山研一) 在一次救人过程中,遭受意外而双双身亡,他们在死亡的瞬间被传送到一个神秘封闭的房间,透过房间的窗户还可以看到东京铁塔,但是却无法走出这个房间。在这个房间里,他们看到了许许多多应该死去的人们,有流氓、上班族、政治家等等,他们都重获新生了吗? 似乎一切并非如此。 房间中间有一个黑色的球体,突然亮了起来,发出了指令,奇异的黑球赋予他们新生。但所换取的代价是他们完成杀死怪物的任务。


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