SPEC: Heaven

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Release Date: Oct 17, 2012
Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi   
Rating: PG13: Some Violence
Language: Japanese, Mandarin
Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Format: DVD 9
Picture Format: NTSC
Artist Name: Erika Toda (戸田恵梨香), Ryo Kase (加瀬亮)
Sound: 5.1 Surround
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Duration: 119Mins
Special Feature: Trailer, TV Spot


A cruiser yacht, with all aboard mummified, is discovered drifting out at sea. Officers from the UnCrimes Prevention Office Saya Toma (Erika Toda) and Takeru Sebumi (Ryo Kase), suddenly face a series of spec-holders controlled by a mysterious ‘Ninomae’, who turns out to be Toma’s younger brother...except that he’s supposed to be dead. Ninomae tries to enlist Toma among the specs using whom he plans world domination, but she refuses, saying she wants to live a normal life. Cursing Toma for getting him into this, Sebumi nonetheless does his utmost to protect her. Toma’s left arm is in a cast: what is she hiding there? The case grows in scale, eventually involving the government. What is the ‘simple plan’ going on behind the scenes? And what is the course of the future traced out by the person who recorded ‘the Third Prophecy of Fatima’?

2012年9月铀,一艘海上游艇内的所有乘客全部死于非命。死状和被急冻而死的永吉如出一辙。在未解决事件特别对策部工作的当麻纱绫(戸田恵梨香)和濑文焚流(加瀬亮)在发现大量死尸的杀人事件后,怀疑是特殊能力者所为。与此同时,某特殊能力者附体警视总监似内晶的身上造访未详总部,他代表所有反抗体制的特殊能力者发出警告,强烈要求立即中止针对他们的“简单计划”。 某天,本该死去的一十一阳太突然出现,劝当麻加入组织,但是当麻拒绝了他,想过个正常的生活。不久,一十一公开发布了即将刺杀御前会议中冒牌成员的犯罪宣言,并挟持警视总监和小润为人质。作战小组突袭会场,与把守于此的特殊能力者 Madam阳陷入苦战。在战斗中濑文和青池均身负重伤,而当麻左手早已被封印的SPEC又开始苏醒。营救小组和津田的部队再度突袭一十一的巢穴,克制了阳太的特殊能力者现出了原形,而濑文与当麻这对搭档也将面临生死的考验。残酷的战争依然继续,法蒂玛北第三个预言将会是什么……

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