Rurouni Kenshin

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Release Date: 2 February 2013
Director: Keishi Otomo
Rating: NC16 - Some Violence
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: • English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese
Format: DVD 9 Picture
Sound: 5.1 Surround
Aspect Ratio: 1.75:1
Duration: 135 Mins
Special Feature: Trailer, Teaser, Making Of, Video Message

Nearly 140 years ago, in the last days of the Shoguns, there was a man known as “Battosai the Killer,” feared as the most powerful assassin. He was faster than a god, stronger than a demon, and had a leading spirit of the Meiji Restoration.
In a flash he downs any number of opponents. Once he pulled out his sword, nobody survived against him. As the war ended and the new Meiji era came, Battosai vanished from the world. The only thing that remained was his legend.

10 years later, a man appeared in a world still in disarray. His name is Kenshin Himura (Takeru Satoh), a wanderer who saves people with a back-blade sword that cannot kill. This is Battosai the Killer, who has taken a pledge never to kill again. In order to bring peace to the world so that his loved ones can live safely, Kenshin’s battle begins!

140年前,在将军时代来临结束时,有一个叫做刽子手拔刀斋,人人都称他为最可怕的剑客。 他比神还快,比恶魔还强,也有带领明治维新的精神。 在一瞬间内他能打倒任何数量的对手。一旦他把出刀来,没人能够活着地承得住他。 战争结束了,新的明治时代来临了,拔刀斋却一影无见地消失了,只剩下了他的传奇。

十年后,在混乱的世界中出现了一名男子。 他的名字是绯村剑心(佐藤健 饰),是一名用不能杀人的逆刃刀来救人的流浪者。 这就是发誓不再杀人的刽子手拔刀斋。 为了带来世界和平而让他关心的人而平安地生活,剑心的奋斗就在此开始!

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