Wolf Children

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Release Date:
1 Mar 2013
Director: Mamoru Hosoda
Rating: PG13 Brief Nudity
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Format: DVD
Picture Format: NTSC
Artist Name: Miyazaki Aoi, Osawa Takao
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85
Duration: 110Mins
Special Feature: Trailer


Hana (Aoi Miyazaki), a nineteen-year-old college student, falls in love with a man only for him to reveal his secret; he is a Wolf Man (Takao Osawa). Eventually the couple bear two children together; a son and daughter they name Ame and Yuki who both inherit the ability to transform into wolves from their father. When the man Hana fell in love with suddenly dies, she makes the decision to move to a rural town isolated from society to continue raising the children in protection. But as the children grow up, they will have to make a choice: whether to live as a human or a wolf. And Hana too, she must make a decision soon. How will she watch over her two wolf children as they make their choices?

故事描述 19 歲的女主角「花」(宫崎葵 饰),如同童話故事般遇上了一位狼男(大澤隆夫 饰)。然而,當時還是個大學生的花,不顧一切的與狼男墜入愛河,甚至結婚、生子、養育孩子。她生下了一對可愛的姊弟,「雪」和「雨」。他們一家四口就在城市的角落過著平靜溫馨的生活,狼男不幸忽然死亡;為了表達對狼男至死不逾的愛情與親情,花便以此為契機,帶著兩個孩子遠離都市,共同到名為田舍町的鄉下生活。

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