KAIJI The Ultimate Gambler

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Release Date:
9 April, 2010
Director: Toya Sato
Rating: PG
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Format: DVD
Picture Format: NTSC
Artist Name: Tatsuya Fujiwara, Yuki Amami, Kenichi Matsuyama
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Duration: 130Mins
Special Feature: Trailer, TV Spots and Interview


Kaiji Ito (Tatsuya Fujiwara) leads a hand-to-mouth existence working half-heartedly at his part-time job at a convenience store. He has no ambition and no plans for his future and often relieves his frustration by vandalizing expensive cars that he cannot afford.

One day, a mysterious and beautiful woman named Rinko Endo (Yukie Amami) comes to demand that he clears a debt he co-signed for a friend. That friend has since disappeared and with the company's exorbitant interest rate, the loan amount has since grown to 2.02 million yen!

Endo tells Kaiji that there is a way not only to clear the debt overnight but also make a lot of money for himself at the same time if he boards a ship that leaves Harumi Port. Kaiji is skeptical at first but when Endo tells him that it is the chance to change his life, he accepts the invitation without realizing he has taken Endo's bait ...

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