Fairy Tale Killer 追凶

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Release Date:
Jul 20, 2012
Director: Danny Pang 彭发
Rating: PG13
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Format: DVD 9
Picture Format: PAL
Artist Name: Lau Ching Wan 刘青云, Wang Baoqiang 王宝强, Elanne Kwong江若琳 乐
Sound: Dolby Digital, DTS Digital Surround
Aspect Ratio: 1:2.35
Duration: 95 Mins
Special Feature: Trailer, Making Of


One day, a stammerer, Jun (Wang Baoqiang) confesses to five murders at a police station, but fails to illustrate the details, and after a long oral examination the police believe Jun to be mentally unstable as his mentioned murders prove not to exist.

Soon after, a series of mysterious murders take place in the district where Detective Han (Lau Ching Wan) is stationed. Each victim was executed in different but equally brutal ways. Instinct tells Han Jun in the suspect after reviewing his recent statements, but when his team searches Jun's apartment, apart from a pile of old fairy tale books, no evidence is found there.

One night, Han gets inspired when he overhears his wife reading a bedtime story to their son. Han immediately examines the books found in Jun's apartment and discovers mysterious symbols scribbled on the pages. The punishments described in two of the fairy tales match two of the murders and the evidence shows that three more murders will occur...

某晚,警察局来了一个不速之客军(王宝强 饰),他向当值探员报称自己杀了五个人,但他既说不出与受害者关系,又不能描述出受害者被杀过程或遇害地点。探员在记下军的联络住址后便把他驱逐,在探员眼中,他只是一名无聊的精神不正常者。

可是不久,督察汉(刘青云 饰)驻守的区域却发生了一件凶杀案:死者形状恐怖,汉认为这种处死方法带有不寻常的动机,不到一星期汉接手另一宗凶杀案,死者也是一名男子 ,死于一个废置的机械工场。他的死法十分残酷,死者的双脚被强行穿上细尺码的红色高跟鞋,脚面和两侧都钉上了十多口的铁钉。汉在翻查全港可疑人物和案例时,看到了当天军前来自首的记录。汉马上带队前往军的住所进行搜查,可是屋内空无一人,除了大量古旧童话书外,并无可疑之处。但这时候汉还不知道,一张被精密预设的大网张开了,而结局却更是匪夷所思,难以预料...


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