Tiny Times

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Release Date: 31 Dec 2103
Director: Guo Jing Ming
Rating: PG
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Format: DVD
Picture Format: PAL
Artist Name: Yang Mi, Kuo Tsai Chieh, Sie Yi Lin, Kai Ko, Rhydian Vaughan
Sound: 5.1ch Dolby Digital and DTS for Japanese audio
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.75
Duration: 116 mins
Special Feature: Trailer, Making Of


The story occurs in this speedy developing Shanghai city, and describes the lives of four girls, Lin Xiao (Yang Mi), Nan Xian, Gu Li (Kuo Tsai Chieh) and Tang Wan Ru (Sie Yi Lin), who have been classmates since young and developed a very deep friendship even they all have various life values and personal goals. Meanwhile, some sweet and bitter relationship has just flourished between them and Gu-Yuan (Kai Ko), Gong-Ming (Rhydian Vaughan), Jian-Xi, and Chong-Guan…

While facing a gigantic pressure in life, and love relationship, these four young ladies have encountered huge changes in friendship and love, even family relationship. Facing all these radical changes, how could they still hold on their attitude and value toward life and love? How could they still create colourful pages in their young life?

故事发生在经济飞速发展时期的上海,主人公林萧 (杨幂 饰)、南湘、顾里 (郭采潔 饰)、唐宛如(谢依霖 饰)四个女生在这座风光而时尚的城市里生活与学习、工作与成长,四个女生从小感情深厚,却各自有着不同的价值观与人生观,她们在同一个宿舍朝夕相处,转眼到了大学生涯的后期,平静的生活开始面临层出不穷的挑战,找工作实习的忙碌以及随之而来的巨大生存压力,看似平静的校园生活相继发生着种种让她们措手不及、不知如何面对、需要抉择的事情。同时,顾源(柯震东 饰)、宫洺(凤小岳 饰)、简溪、崇光等一群男生和这四个女生之间也正发生着千丝万缕的情感交错…

面临巨大生存压力,面对剪不断理还乱的情感纠葛,四个女生要先后经历友 情、爱情,乃至亲情的巨大转变,在巨变面前,她们是否依然坚持自己的生活态度,她们的青春故事将如何续写精彩?

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