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Release Date: 23 May 2014
Director: Shin Togashi
Rating: PG
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
Format: DVD
Picture Format: NTSC
Artist Name: Kokone Hamada, Aya Ueto, Goro Inagaki , Pinko Izumi
Sound: 5.1ch Dolby Digital and DTS for Japanese audio
Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85
Duration: 128 mins
Special Feature: Trailer


Based on the NHK drama series "Oshin", the film tells the story of a young girl from a poor family named Oshin in Yamagata Prefecture. She is sent away to work for a wealthy family to earn a living. Despite her tender young age, Oshin perseveres through countless difficulties and hardships even though she was treated unfairly. When accused of a theft she did not commit, Oshin runs away in the harsh snowstorm, only to be saved by a deserting soldier, who teaches her the meaning of life…



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