Tales From The Dark 1

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Release Date:
20 Sep 2013
Director: Simon Yam 任达华, Lee Chi Ngai 李志毅, Fruit Chan 陈果
Rating: PG13 Some Violence & Disturbing Scenes
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese
Subtitle: Chinese, English
Format: DVD
Picture Format: PAL
Artist Name: Simon Yam 任达华, Tony Leung Ka Fai 梁家辉, Kelly Chen 陈慧琳
Sound: 5.1ch Dolby Digital, DTS
Aspect Ratio: 1: 1.77
Duration: 112 Mins
Special Feature: Trailer, Teaser, Making Of


Stolen Goods The rich will only become richer; the poor will only become poorer … even in the afterlife. Humble and obstinate Kwan (Simon Yam) loses his job but refuses to live on social welfare. Barely able to make ends meet, he turns to stealing urns of the deceased, hoping their heirs will pay to reclaim them…

A Word in the Palm On his last day of business, fortune teller Ho (Tony Leung Ka Fai) is visited by a married couple. The pregnant wife suspects she has been haunted, and Ho redirects the case to his neighbour Lan (Kelly Chen). Meanwhile, an innocent teenage girl stops by his shop, claiming to be waiting for someone.

Jing Zhe One chilly Jingzhe night, veteran villain hitter Chu meets an uncommon client, a pretty girl in her 20s who pays her to curse 4 villains without knowing their names. Mysteriously, each victim meets a gruesome death, until the last victim or villain, a chilling intolerable secret is revealed…

贓物 活着是贫者愈贫,富者愈富,死后的世界可会不一样?关富强(任达华 饰)是 一个潦倒的失业中年汉,为了生活,竟敢向刚刚丧夫的郭咏妮(邵美琪饰)埋 手,盗取其夫的骨灰罂并进行勒索!一切进行得异常顺利,直至某个晚上,关富 强收到一通神秘电话…

放手 风水佬何可(梁家辉饰)自创音乐疗法,教人增加正能量催吉避凶,然而租金 迫人,只好无奈结业。最后一日开档,来了一对疑似被灵界骚扰的夫妇,深感不 妙的何可于是将个案转介给隔壁的水晶占卜师王兰(陈慧琳饰),以为就此告 一段落,安心关门大吉;谁知一个女学生(颜卓灵饰)突然闯入要求睇掌,但 她的左手紧紧握着,宁死也不肯放开…

惊蛰 每年正月廿七惊蛰,朱婆婆(邵音音饰)都会在鹅颈桥摆档打小人。今晚最后 一位顾客是一个妙龄少女(陈静饰),她一口气要打四个小人,怪事随即接踵 而来,附近更发生连串命案!善恶到头终有报,打小人者,人亦打之,最终谁会身受其害?

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